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Licensing Forms

Additional Location Form (For Iowa native wineries only)

ABD now has a new process of submitting Additional Locations within your eLAPS account.

Steps for submitting Additional Locations:

  1. Log into your eLAPS account.
  2. On the left side panel click on "Action List".
  3. Click on "Edit/Update License" under Make a Change to a License or Permit.
  4. Look for the Class "A" Wine Permit (Native) you want to submit athe Additional Location for and click on the "Amend" button next to the application number.
  5. Select "Additional Location" under the New Amendment Request box and then click "Next".
  6. Click on the "Add Location" button.
  7. Fill in the required fields and upload the file for "Attach a letter of invitation to the event".
  8. If you have multiple dates for this request, please indicate additional dates in the "Comments" box.
  9. Click "Add/Update Location" button when you are finished.
  10. Complete the Attestation / Endorsement and submit the application.

eLAPS QRG: Native Winery - Additional Locations

Insurance Forms

Label Registration Form

All wine and beer labels of products sold in Iowa are required to be submitted to the ABD. Please ensure that your product fits into the correct legal definition as outlined in Iowa Code section 123.3.

You may begin shipment of your product once you have submitted the Label Registration Form and COLA to ABD will contact you only if there is an issue with the label submission.