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Administrative Rules: Executive Order 10


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Executive Order 10 - Rulemaking Information

Pursuant to Executive Order 10, the Division will be reviewing its existing Administrative Rules Chapter 185 in accordance with the scheduled deadline of December 31, 2024. More information about Executive Order 10 is available on the Department of Management’s website.

Regulatory Analysis: "Retail Alcohol Licenses" implemented by 2022 Iowa Acts, Senate File 2374

Additional information will be posted here and on the public rulemaking docket as it becomes available.


Pursuant to Iowa Code 123.10 (PDF, opens in a new window), the administrator may promulgate administrative rules as necessary to carry out the requirements of Iowa Code 123 (PDF, opens in a new window).

The Division's rulemaking procedures are governed by Iowa Administrative Procedure Act 17A (PDF, opens in a new window) and Iowa Administrative Code 185.2 (PDF, opens in a new window).

Additional general information regarding the rulemaking process can be found on the Iowa Legislature's website (External link, opens in a new window).

All administrative rules can be reviewed on the Iowa legislature administrative rules page. (External link, opens in a new window).

Public Rulemaking Docket

The Division maintains a public rulemaking docket (PDF, 50.96 KB, opens in a new window) which lists each anticipated and pending rulemaking proceeding. A rulemaking proceeding is deemed "anticipated" from the time a draft of proposed rules is distributed for internal discussion within the agency. A rulemaking proceeding is "pending" from the time a Notice of Intended Action is published in the Iowa Administrative Bulletin (External link, opens in a new window).

Administrative Rule Waiver

To petition for a waiver of an administrative rule, please download and complete the Petition for Waiver Form (PDF, opens in a new window). Send the completed form to

Please note, as of February 17, 2021, compliance with county, city, and Department of Inspections and Appeals' rules and regulations regarding toilet facilities, including any waivers granted by those authorities, shall constitute compliance with Iowa Administrative Rule 185.4.2(2) (PDF, opens in a new window). This rule references toilet facilities for any licensee/permittee who hold both a food permit and alcohol license/permit. Once a waiver has been issued by DIA, please forward the waiver to

Agency Contact

Any written submissions, written requests, or other communication with respect to administrative rules-related matters may be directed to:

Madelyn Cutler
Administrative Rules Coordinator
The Iowa Department of Revenue 
Alcohol & Tax Operations Division
1918 SE Hulsizer Road
Ankeny, Iowa 50021