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Effective January 5th, 2024, applicants for new alcohol licenses will be required to upload all relevant documentation into eLAPS before being able to submit the application.
For details, see Update to eLAPS Documentation Requirements.

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Which licensing system should I use?

If you are renewing or applying for a 12-month Class "C" Retail Alcohol License (LC):

For all other licensing applications, use eLAPS.

If you need to change an existing license, use eLAPS

  • Adding or removing Outdoor Service
  • License transfers
  • Ownership changes
  • Dram changes


The licensing and permitting solution, Electronic Licensing and Permitting System (eLAPS) is now available for all users.
Sign Into eLAPS

Although eLAPS is very easy-to-use, we have several resources available to help you as you become comfortable with this self-service tool.

  • Quick Reference Guides: Resource to reference for common questions that contain short steps and eLAPS screenshots
  • MicroVideos: Short videos that demonstrate the steps to complete key processes in eLAPS

Applicants, Licensees & Permittees

Video Guides

Local Authorities

Video Guides

Dramshop Carriers

Video Guides

In addition to the resources listed above, the Division also has telephone support available for licensing inquiries. 

Licensing Inquiries: 515.281.7400
If you have additional questions, please contact