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Effective July 1, 2021

With the passage of HF766, licensees and permittees authorized to sell alcoholic liquor, wine, beer, or mixed drinks or cocktails for off-premises consumption may contract with a third party to deliver the alcoholic beverages provided that the licensee or permittee has entered into a written agreement with the third party that authorizes the third party to act as an agent of the licensee or permittee for the purpose of delivering the alcoholic beverages.

Each licensee or permittee shall submit to ABD a list of names and addresses of all third parties it has authorized to act as its agent for the purpose of delivering alcoholic beverages. The licensee or permittee shall provide ABD with amendments to the list as necessary to ensure ABD possesses an accurate, current list. The list of third parties should be submitted using the following link: Third-Party Delivery Form

For additional information, please refer to Regulatory Bulletin 2021-01: Third-Party Delivery of Alcoholic Beverages.