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Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Division

Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Division

News and Updates

  • Iowa ABD Age to Purchase app now accepts Iowa Mobile ID

    Age to Purchase logo - a hand presenting an id.

    This mobile app is a supplemental tool that assists Iowa retailers in verifying the age of customers when selling or serving alcohol, tobacco, alternative nicotine, or vapor products.

  • New Legal Requirement for Iowa Restaurants Employing 16/17-Year-Old Employees Selling/Serving Alcoholic Beverages

    Three wine glasses and two shorter liquor glasses on a table.

    ABD has created a form for restaurants to use to meet the Dramshop Carrier notification requirement.

  • Has your licensed premises suffered storm damage?

    Fallen tree blocking street

    ABD is here to help answer questions you have regarding your alcohol license and storm damage to the licensed premises.

  • Is your license expiring?


    Changes to alcohol licensing law may affect your renewal options.


  • Apply/Renew Using GovConnectIowa


    GovConnectIowa allows users to apply for and renew licenses, file for permits, and perform various other tasks with multiple state agencies.

    Available for these licenses:

    • class "C" (LC)
    • special class "C" (BW)
    • class "B" (LG)
    • class "E" (LE)
  • Alcohol licenses, permits, or certificates


  • I-PACT Alcohol Retailer Certification


    This program focuses on preventing underage sales and sales to intoxicated patrons.

  • I-PLEDGE Tobacco Retailer Certification


    This program focuses on preventing underage sales and when not to make a sale.