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Brokers and suppliers should follow the procedures outlined in the Listing Manual for new product presentations as well as currently listed products. The purpose of the Listing Manual is to set forth the protocols that suppliers and brokers of alcoholic liquor products must follow in order to have their products listed for sale in the state of Iowa.

Failure to adhere to these protocols will result in a product not being listed, a product being delisted, or special handling charges being assessed against the supplier/broker.

Listing Manual

This manual contains six sections:

  • Section 1 provides an overview of the steps a supplier must take before submitting a listing request for a product.  
  • Section 2 provides details on the listing process. 
  • Section 3 provides information on how suppliers can ensure they are properly managing their inventory within the warehouse.  
  • Section 4 describes how products are delisted and removed from the warehouse. 
  • Section 5 provides an overview of how the bailment process works, which is how suppliers are paid for inventory sold.  
  • Section 6 addresses the specific requirements for shipment of product to the warehouse.