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Description Charge Comments
Case Coding $20.00/case  
Refund Stickers* $30.00/case $15/case with advance notice & approval by Spirits manager.
Refund Stickers with Bottle in a Box $50/case  
Purchase Refund Stickers (roll of 1750) $10 per roll  
Attach Item to a Bottle N/A Service not offered
Product Repack or Breakdown N/A Service not offered
Product Delisted/Return to Supplier $2.00/case Applies to discontinued, defective, or supplier initiated returns of product.
Product Delisted Not Picked Up by Deadline $2.00/case/day Charged each calendar day after scheduled pick up date has passed.
Product Destruction Actual land fill cost plus ABD handling/transporting Release form required
Missing Paperwork* $50/instance Need PO, BOL, Manifest, Pack list, Etc.
Shipping Over Max Remove-Handled through delist  
Over Max Storage $5/case/day Vendor will have 14 calendar days to pick up over shipped inventory. After 14 days, charge is assessed.
Shrink Wrap Pallet* $20.00/pallet  
Pallet Restack* $40.00/pallet Result of hand throw, breakage, or varied quantity per layer
Bad/Broken Pallet $50/instance Based on quality and structure of pallet
Loads on Slip Sheets Load will be refused  
Missed Receiving Appointment* $100/instance Waived with a 24-hour notice
Unscheduled Receiving Fee $250/instance  
Quote Errors $200/instance This includes issues with UPC & GTIN codes
Defective Merchandise/Samples-Handling $0.50/bottle This includes issues with UPC & GTIN codes
New-Item not listed on PO $50  
Late Delivery $100/instance  

*The Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Division sells refund stickers for $10.00 for a roll of 1,750. Contact ABD at to order stickers. Stickers will be shipped via common carrier, please allow 7 – 10 business days for delivery.

**Suppliers sending promotional material will be assessed a handling charge based on the material’s quantity, size and bulk.

Download Special Handling Charges - Effective July 1, 2020 (PDF).