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Adam Gregg, Lt. Governor
Stephen Larson, Administrator

Highly Allocated Products Notifications

Highly allocated products are products that are brought in on a very temporary basis, are not listed products or special order products and are highly limited in supply. These products are not driven by a customer request but by the Division accepting or declining the Iowa allocation from the supplier. Highly allocated products are rarely supplied in quantities to meet demand from licensees. In order to maintain a fair and level playing field and ensure that all licensees have equal opportunity to stock these products, the Division has instituted a procedure to distribute highly allocated products. 

Graph that depicts how highly allocated products fall between both temporary and permanent products When highly allocated products arrive in the Iowa ABD warehouse, licensees who have signed up for notification will receive an email. All notifications will be done electronically based on the information you provide at sign up.

Class E licensees interested in purchasing any specific highly allocated product must express interest via email within 48 hours of email notification from the Iowa ABD that the product is in the warehouse. A list of licensee requests will be compiled for each highly allocated product. In the event licensee requests exceed the supplier allocation for Iowa, the Iowa ABD will first try to meet demand by limiting quantities to each licensee on the list. If reducing quantities to the lowest common denominator of a bottle will still not satisfy demand, the product will be subjected to a lottery. The lottery will utilize an electronic randomizer to be fair and impartial.

Also, please remember that if you express interest and your store number is chosen in the lottery, you cannot refuse the product nor can you return the product. Review the Division's return policy

The active Alcohol License Number (LE) issued by the Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Division

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