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Governor: April is Alcohol Awareness Month

Friday, April 7, 2017

Governor Terry E. Branstad today signed a proclamation establishing April as Alcohol Awareness Month in Iowa.

“In order for Iowa to continue leading the nation in supporting healthy lifestyles, we must keep educating our young people on the potential perils of alcohol abuse,” said Branstad. “I’m pleased to sign this proclamation today establishing April as Alcohol Awareness Month in our state to draw attention to alcohol abuse.”

Alcohol abuse in Iowa continues to be a major concern and it knows no boundaries based on affluence or education. According to a report by the United Health Foundation, 24.5 percent of Iowans earning $75,000 or more annually admit to heavy drinking (four or more drinks/woman or five or more drinks/man) for one occasion. Conversely, 15.8 percent of those earning less than $25,000 reported heavy drinking. 20.7 percent of college graduates report heavy drinking while those with some college report 20.8 percent.

Heavy alcohol consumption leads to a long list of lifelong health challenges and the danger of driving under the influence of alcohol continues to be a major threat to public safety.

”We are assembling a group of stakeholders to address our alcohol laws and policies,” said Stephen Larson, Administrator of the Iowa Alcoholic Beverages division. “By working with local authorities, law enforcement, public health professionals and prevention specialists, we hope to improve our state’s alcohol policies to create a healthier and safer Iowa landscape.”

Here is the proclamation:




WHEREAS,         alcohol-related issues, including underage and binge drinking, impaired driving, and alcoholism, pose a significant challenge to Iowa communities and negatively affect the lives of our citizens; and 


WHEREAS,         an estimated 22 percent of Iowa adults are binge drinkers; and


WHEREAS,         the economic impact of heavy drinking in Iowa is $2 billion a year; and


WHEREAS,         effective prevention and education programs reduce risk factors and strengthen protective measures that support youth in making informed decisions about alcohol use; and


WHEREAS,         communities and organizations across Iowa are joining together to declare their support for healthy lifestyles and demonstrate their commitment to the Healthiest State Initiative; and


WHEREAS,         observing Alcohol Awareness Month will help inform Iowans of the negative impacts of alcohol misuse on the health, happiness, and safety of Iowans:



NOW, THEREFORE, I, Terry E. Branstad, Governor of the State of Iowa, do hereby proclaim the month of April, 2017 as





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