Listing Your Product in Iowa

The listing process begins when an actively licensed broker or distiller presents a product to the Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Division (Division) for listing consideration. The product management team takes into consideration the product, packaging, category trends, innovation, saturation, social responsibility, marketing and taste profile when determining whether or not to make the product available to Iowa consumers.

Brand, size, price, innovation, saturation and taste profile will all be taken into consideration when listing products. The Division will focus on variety versus duplication of products to maintain sales and revenue.

  • All listing presentation requests shall be submitted to the administrator or their designee.
  • Listing presentations will be conducted via telephone or video conferencing. Any exceptions will need to be approved by the Bureau Chief of Spirits and Distribution.
  • Quote forms and listing criteria forms must be submitted electronically for all products presented. Required information on the quote form includes but is not limited to, the NABCA code, bottle weight, bottle dimensions, UPC, SCC, cases per pallet, cases per layer, total invoice cost per case and the representative for the state at the time of presentation. Inaccurate information on quote forms and listing criteria forms may result in accessorial charges to the supplier.
  • All requests for new items will be answered no later than 14 days following the presentation date.
  • The Administrator or the Administrator’s Designee reserve the right to deny or limit the number of permanent product listing requests. Suppliers with more than 3 percent of listed products out of stock may not be allowed a listing meeting at the discretion of the Division.
  • Currently, non-traditional spirits products that are not in liquid form are not eligible for listing presentations.
  • To list a product in Iowa, please contact the Division’s product services specialist.

Upon approval of the listing, the item will be assigned a status of a regular bailment or special order listing. Special order brands received into the warehouse are to fill a wholesale or retail customer request.

ABD Listing Manual (pdf)

This document includes information on:

  • Standardized Price Quotation Form
  • Product Listing Criteria Worksheet
  • Bailment Inventory System
  • Bailment Policies
  • Broker Information
  • Listing Multiple Sizes
  • Social Responsibility
  • Case Code Label Instructions
  • Iowa Bottle Deposit Policy
  • Label Approval
  • Product Availability
  • Change of Broker or Vendor
  • New Vendor Checklist
  • Ordering Merchandise
  • Product Handling Charges
  • Shipping Container Code
  • Shipping Merchandise
  • Special Orders
  • Price Changes
  • Temporary Products & Value Added Packs
  • Trading Out Product
  • Listing Appeal Process
  • Delisting Products

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