Multifaceted Facility Houses Alcoholic Beverages Division

Picture of the Iowa ABD headquarters

The Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Division is located on a 14.5 acre site at 1918 SE Hulsizer Road in Ankeny, Iowa. The facility was built with funds raised via the sale of revenue bonds that were authorized through the enactment of legislation in 1980. When the office warehouse complex was opened in 1981, it was the first time in more than 30 years that the administrative offices and warehouse complex had been housed under the same roof.

The facility provides workspace for the entire Iowa ABD staff, including administration, alcohol ordering and regulation, licensing, tobacco enforcement, accounting, information technology, communications and liquor distribution employees. The building also features a lobby for customers and licensees who await service and a large boardroom used for staff meetings and Alcoholic Beverages Commission meetings.

The state liquor warehouse houses multiple cases of more than 1,500 liquor products. The Iowa ABD Warehouse staff fills weekly liquor orders for the state's 1,300-plus Class E licensees and loads them onto tractor-trailers. State truck drivers then deliver the liquor to retailers across Iowa from Keokuk to Sioux City.

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