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Beer kegs purchased in Iowa are required to be registered with the retail establishments where they are sold.

The law, which took effect statewide July 1, 2007, is intended to combat underage drinking by giving law enforcement officials a tool to track the sources of alcohol to minors. Perhaps equally as important, the law serves as a deterrent to adults and social hosts who may otherwise provide kegs of beer to persons under 21. The state's keg registration law preempts county and municipal keg registration ordinances.

The application of the law is simple and inexpensive. When a keg is purchased, the retailer records the buyer’s name, address and drivers’ license number in a log book along with the identification number of a sticker to be placed on the side of the purchased keg. Retailers will be required to keep the registration information for each keg for a minimum of 90 days, and the information must be made available to law enforcement officers upon request during the store’s normal business hours.

Keg registration booklets are available for licensees via the Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Division's Electronic Licensing System. Licensees permitted to sell kegs of beer for carry-out can order booklets by logging into their online license account. Keg Registration booklets can be ordered anytime. Booklets must be purchased for use at one licensed location only. The cost is $5 for a booklet of 25 stickers.

Keg Registration Sticker