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The Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Division tracks Iowa and National court court cases that impact the alcohol beverage industry. See the links below for more information.

Family Winemakers of California v. Massachusetts Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission

The United States Court of Appeals found that the Massachusetts law allowing "small" wineries (all Massachusetts wineries meet the qualification for "small") to ship directly to consumers as well as sell through wholesalers and retailers, while "large" wineries (all of which are out-of-state) can only sell through wholesalers or directly to consumers, but not both, violated the Commerce Clause because it changed the competitive balance between in-state and out-of-state competitors.

Darrin F. Boger d/b/a Lake Lanes v. Alcoholic Beverages Division, Iowa Department of Commerce

The Iowa Court of Appeals found that "scant evidence" (a lack of substantial evidence) existed for the agency's decision that the licensee "allowed or permitted" nudity in his establishment with a naked beer slide, and therefore reversed the agency finding.

State of Iowa v. Aaron Beauford Stohr

The Iowa Supreme Court reversed a District Court ruling and affirmed a Court of Appeals ruling that the results of an alcohol breath test are admissible in court if the test is administered properly.

Auen v. Alcoholic Beverages Division, Iowa Department of Commerce

The Iowa Supreme Court reversed a District Court ruling to affirm the ban on tied-house arrangements, preserving the three-tier system in Iowa.

City of Okoboji v. Iowa District Court for Dickinson County

The Iowa Supreme Court ruled a previous decision issuing an injunction on the sale of alcoholic beverages for on-premises consumption at a marina should have also included a ban on a range of bar-like activities including parties, hog roasts, and staging bands.

Costco Wholesale Corporation v. Washington Beer and Wine Wholesalers Association

Costco has challenged various laws and regulations in the State of Washington governing the sale and distribution of beer and wine, raising both antitrust and constitutional claims. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit upheld seven of the nine regulations.

Granholm v. Heald

The United States Supreme Court struck down Michigan and New York laws that prohibited out-of-state wineries from shipping wine directly to consumers in their states. As a result, similar laws are currently being challenged in states across the country.

Iowa Grocery Industry Association v. City of Des Moines

The City of Des Moines appealed a district court decision declaring a municipal ordinance which imposed administrative fees on liquor licenses and beer and wine permits illegal.