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Hours of Sale

Hours of Sale and Consuming Alcoholic Beverages

The hours during which alcoholic beverages may be legally sold and served are:

  • Monday through Saturday 6 AM to 2 AM
  • Sunday 8 AM to 2 AM

A Sunday sales privilege is required for all off-premises beer and all on-premises liquor, wine and beer licensees wanting to serve on Sundays. Licensees may not sell, serve, dispense, or consume alcoholic beverages at private parties or while cleaning the establishment on Sundays, unless the premises is also licensed for Sunday sales privilege.

Only Class E liquor licensees (carryout liquor) and Class B wine permittees (carryout wine) have a Sunday sales privilege as part of their basic license.
Iowa Code sections §123.36(6)§123.49(2)(b) and (k), and §123.134(5)

Home Delivery Hours

The hours during which alcoholic beverages may be legally delivered to locations off the licensed premises are:• Monday through Saturday 6 AM to 10 PM• Sunday 8 AM to 10 PMA Sunday sales privilege is required to make deliveries on Sundays. Hours of Sale and Daylight Savings Time. Legal hours of sale are not affected in the spring when setting clocks forward 1 hour (2 AM to 3 AM).When setting the clock back in the fall (2 AM to 1 AM), licensees may sell alcoholic beverages for the additional hour. the time becomes 1 AM. Therefore, licensees may sell and serve alcoholic beverages for an additional hour.)
Iowa Code sections 1D, §123.36(6), §123.49(2)(b) and (k), and §123.134(5)

New Year's Eve on Sunday

When New Year’s Eve (December 31) falls on a Sunday, a Sunday sales privilege is not required for a licensee to sell or serve liquor, wine or beer.

Hours of sale for December 31 when falling on a Sunday are:

  • 8 AM on Sunday, Dec. 31, to 2 AM on the following Monday, Jan. 1.

Note: This special provision does not apply to off-premises beer permittees. Holders of class C beer permits must obtain a Sunday sales Privilege to sell beer on New Year’s Eve, December 31.
Iowa Code section §123.150

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