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FDA Materials

To give retailers all the tools they need to comply with federal tobacco regulations, the FDA’s Center for Tobacco Products has developed a new education program called “This is Our Watch.” This program helps tobacco retailers better understand FDA tobacco regulations, the importance of compliance, and the greater purpose—protecting the nation’s youth from the harms of tobacco use. Follow the link below to learn more about the "This is Our Watch" program and order free program materials.

Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Division Materials

Logo of We ID  We ID
  Static Cling

Image of the 5 step ID check wallet card 
  ID Check
  Wallet Card

Front cover of Iowa Drivers License Guide
  Iowa Driver's
  License Guide
  (Download the pdf)


Front cover of I D checking guide

  I.D. Checking Guide
  (Download the pdf Order Form/Informational Brochure)


Front page of Iowa Keg Registration informational brochure Iowa Keg Registration
 Informational Brochure
(Download the brochure)
(Order keg booklets)


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