Kim Reynolds, Governor
Adam Gregg, Lt. Governor
Stephen Larson, Administrator

About Us

The Division

Since the repeal of prohibition in 1933, Iowa is one of 17 states that directly controls the sale and distribution of alcoholic beverages. The Alcoholic Beverages Division (Division) enforces state and federal laws and regulations related to the sale and use of alcohol and tobacco products. The Division generates significant revenue for state and local governments. Funds are generated by the direct sale of alcohol, license fees, civil penalties and excise tax of beer and wine. These revenues are transferred to the General Fund as well as to public treasuries to support city, county and state programs.

About the Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Division

On March 8, 1934, Iowa was established as a "control state," assuming direct control over the wholesaling of all alcoholic liquor and wine. Today, the Division wholesales liquor, only. The Division also regulates and licenses establishments that sell alcoholic beverages in Iowa. In addition to Division staff, the Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Commission acts as a policy-making body and serves in an advisory capacity to the Division administrator. The Commission is comprised of members appointed to five-year terms by the Governor, subject to confirmation by the Iowa Senate.

Mission Statement

To serve Iowans through responsible and efficient licensing, regulation, and distribution of alcohol.

Vision Statement

The Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Division provides clarity, consistency, and equity to all stakeholders within the beverage industry.

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