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IngeniOz Vodka is bottled by Dehner Distillery in Clive, Iowa. The vodka is made from Iowa corn, and is purified through a unique proprietary system developed and designed, after a decade of award-winning research, by Iowa State University professor and researcher, Dr. Hans van Leeuwen. Nature’s most effective cleansing agent, ozone, ensures the pristine quality of this superb vodka. Multiple other specialized adsorption and filtration stages, including our proprietary nano-noble-metal step, ensures zero residues or additives. The result? An ingenious vodka of remarkable smoothness.

  • Code: #36447
  • Vendor: IngeniOz Vodka
  • Category: American Vodkas
  • Listing Type: Permanent
  • Size (ml): 750ml
  • Proof: 80